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Golden Globes stars with Chicago-area ties celebrate film and TV

One of the first stars to hit the red carpet at Sunday night’s Golden Globe Awards was Chicago native Gina Rodriguez, nominated for best actress in a TV comedy or musical for “Jane the Virgin,” an award she lost to Rachel Bloom of “My Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.” Her “date” was her father, Genaro Rodriguez, and the actress called him “my homey, and I love him so much.”

On NBC’s “1st Look: Live on the Red Carpet,” Rodriguez also complained about the Los Angeles heat Sunday night, because “I did not wear my deodorant. It messes up your dress! I want to be loved for what I smell like for real.”

During her time with E!’s Ryan Seacrest, Rodriguez said she was in love with her Zac Posen navy gown “but especially these Neil Lane diamonds I’m wearing tonight. I may just flee to Canada when the show is over tonight!” rather than return the borrowed gems to the jeweler.

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• When asked “who are you wearing,” Steve Carell joked that he was going to say “Brunello Cucinelli the whole night,” carefully articulating the name of the designer of his tuxedo. Carell, joined by his wife, Nancy, who he met in Chicago while he was working at Second City in the 1980s, also spoke about the guy he portrays in “The Big Short.” Carell noted the real-life hedge-fund manager “showed up the second day of filming, and after a while he was actually kind of giving direction. He’s a very bold guy. Then he took a phone call and abruptly said, ‘Gotta go!’ and then he was gone.”

In his category, best performance by an actor in a musical or comedy, the award went to Matt Damon of “The Martian.”

• Michael Shannon, nominated for best supporting actor for the movie “99 Homes” (an award won by Sylvester Stallone of “Creed”), arrived at the Globes wearing a Prada tux, explaining he was in the formal suit because he recently did a photo shoot for the famed Italian design house.

The always understated actor dryly quipped, “I’m a Prada model now. My mom’s very proud.”

• Melissa McCarthy, nominated for best actress in a comedy or musical film for “Spy” (which went to Jennifer Lawrence of “Joy”), admitted on the red carpet that she “loved the character so much [from the film], I would consider playing her a couple more times,” revealing the rumors about a “Spy” franchise might be a happening thing.

When asked about his wife’s martial arts moves in “Spy,” the Plainfield native’s husband Ben Falcone joked that “yes, she practiced for the film by beating me up a little bit,” leading McCarthy to joke, “Yes, it was good for children to see me doing that!”

• While not a Chicago native, Sophia Bush (“Chicago P.D.”) has lived in Our Town for much of the past four years, and as the actress and Golden Globe presenter described her Narciso Rodriguez black gown on the red carpet to E! anchor (and fellow part-time Chicagoan) Giuliana Rancic, the two women chatted about how Bush had a very short turn-around to make it to the Globes.

“Not only did I work late [on the show] yesterday, but I’m first up for work tomorrow,” said Bush with a laugh, explaining she planned to bolt from the awards after presenting and “change clothes in the car on the way to the airport,” where she would catch the red-eye flight back to Chicago in time to arrive early Monday morning.