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Derrick Rose hasn’t thought about Tom Thibodeau—report

After getting closed out by the Cavaliers in the playoffs last season, Derrick Rose was in full support of Tom Thibodeau coming back.

Well, we all know how that played out.

The Bulls moved on and Rose—despite his “bond” with Thibs—has apparently moved on, too.

In an interview with Nick Friedell of ESPN, Rose says he hasn’t thought about his old coach since last year.

From ESPN:

Friedell: What do you miss most about Tom Thibodeau?

Rose: To tell you the truth, I haven’t thought about Thibs since last year. A great coach, I had a real good relationship with him, but right now I can’t be in between going back and forth thinking about coaches. I’m just thinking about Fred and the team right now.

Friedell: So you haven’t talked to him at all?

Rose: I haven’t talked to him, seen him, thought about him. I’ve just been focused—to tell you the truth, I’ve just been focusing on this year.

Thibs probably doesn’t miss Rose either, as he did for 212 games in the final four seasons he coached him.