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Gang member ordered held without bail for 2013 murder

Ruddy Miguel | Chicago Police

Alexander Lagunas thought he was being greeted by a fellow Two-Six gang member when a silver Chevy Tahoe pulled up with Ruddy Miguel inside.

But when Miguel rolled down the window and flashed a Two-Six sign at the intersection of 31st Street and Pulaski Road on June 16, 2013, he was just bluffing, Cook County prosecutors said Wednesday.

Miguel, a member of the rival Latin Kings, pointed a gun at Lagunas’ car and pulled the trigger seven times while yelling “King Love,” Assistant State’s Attorney April Gonzales said.

Lagunas, 18, died at Mount Sinai Hospital a day later.

A 22-year-old woman, who was a friend of Lagunas’ girlfriend, was also shot in the abdomen while she sat in the backseat of Lagunas’ car, Gonzales said. She survived. Lagunas’ girlfriend, who was in the front passenger seat, also survived.

Less than 10 days later, a search warrant was executed at Miguel’s home on an unrelated matter. There, investigators found a .22-caliber long rifle that matched the shell casings from the crime scene and bullet from Lagunas’ body, Gonzales said.

Several witnesses identified Miguel and surveillance videos show the Chevy Tahoe at the crime scene, Gonzales said. Miguel also allegedly admitted what he did to two people.

Judge James Brown ordered Miguel held without bail Wednesday, but he asked what took so long in charging him.

Gonzales explained that there was a delay in the ballistics testing.

Miguel, 23, also uses the alias Mosies Padilla and in some court documents, his name is spelled “Rudy.”

Miguel has a 2014 conviction for defacing a firearm and a DUI from last year.

Miguel, a cement mixer, graduated from Clemente High School, an assistant public defender said.