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Anthony Rizzo isn't going to be a hockey star any time soon

Anthony Rizzo practicing his shot before going on the ice during Blackhawks intermission. (Photo via

Don’t worry Cubs fans, there is no fear of losing Anthony Rizzo to a hockey career. The All-Star first baseman took part in the Blackhawks Shoot the Puck festivities during intermission of the team’s game against Nashville Tuesday night.

Things didn’t go well.

One of the things that makes Rizzo such a feared hitter is his ability to spray the ball to all fields. Unfortunately, he took that mentality with him to the ice.

That’s an ugly 0-3 for the slugger. After the rough outing, even the Cubs felt the need to give Rizzo a little support.

Since coming to the Cubs Rizzo has been a fan of the Blackhawks, especially last season during their Stanley Cup run. Rizzo regularly interacts with the team’s official Twitter account and is often spotted sporting team gear in public.

The Blackhawks even gave Rizzo a little taste of home before his shots. The United Center was filled with the sound of Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood” as Rizzo took the ice, the same song used in his rotation of walk-up songs during Cubs home games.

Interestingly, Rizzo took his shots as a righty. Maybe that’s why the left-handed hitter looked so off, he’s shooting from the wrong side of the puck.

Rizzo said he played hockey for a year or two while growing up in Florida, but it doesn’t show. Fortunately, there is definitely a home for him on the North Side.