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26 minutes of ‘The Real Live Brady Bunch’ surface on YouTube

Andy Richter and Jane Lynch play Mike and Carol Brady in a YouTube video of “The Real Live Brady Bunch” that went live Wednesday, giving young audiences their best look yet at the storied ’90s stage sensation that helped put the Annoyance Theatre on the map.

The show was the brainchild of Jill Soloway — now the Emmy-winning creator of Amazon’s acclaimed series “Transparent” — and her sister Faith. Clad in hideous ’70s getups salvaged from thrift stores, a troupe of young actors each week would re-enact word for word an episode of “The Brady Bunch” transcribed from TV.

From its start in 1990, the show was a smash, drawing crowds of twentysomethings who would form lines down North Broadway. It would later expand and enjoy long runs in New York and Los Angeles.

The new video captures a 1991 Annoyance performance of “Getting Davy Jones,” an episode guest-starring the Monkees singer as Marcia’s dream prom date. David Razowsky, who played Jones, posted the clip on Wednesday, touting it as “another find in my VHS collection!”

Besides Richter, who would go on to become Conan O’Brien’s talk show sidekick, and Lynch, later of “Glee” and “Angel From Hell,” the cast included Melanie Hutsell as Jan Brady, a role she would reprise on “Saturday Night Live” after joining the NBC show’s cast.

The front-and-center role of Marcia Brady was played by Becky Thyre, a character actress later seen on “Arrested Development” and “Weeds.”