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‘The Revenant’ imitates the Chicago Bears

The Oscar nominations came out Thursday morning and “The Revenant” cleaned up, grabbing recognition in a dozen categories.

But if you’re like most football fans at this time of the year, you probably haven’t had time to get to the theater to see any of the year’s best films.

Well, here’s a review of “The Revenant” you can probably relate to. Jay Stone, a movie reviewer for, gives this description of the Leonardo DiCaprio hit:

The amazing thing about The Revenant — a 2½-hour trek through a chilling wilderness of violence, fear, hatred, eviscerations, elemental beauty, and the most brutal bear attack since the 1940 NFL championship (Chicago 73, Washington 0) — is the speed of its slog. This is the story of some desperate fur trappers in 1823 America who must walk (or hobble) through the woods looking for food, safety, revenge, or just a warm carcass in which to spend the night.

Brilliant. Makes me want to dig out that old game film.