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President Obama thinks Ben Simmons is going to be an NBA legend

President Barack Obama speaks during a town hall at McKinley Senior High School in Baton Rouge, La., Thursday, Jan. 14, 2016. After giving his State of the Union address, the president is traveling to tout progress and goals in his final year in office. (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)

LSU freshman Ben Simmons is building up a pretty big fan base across the country. The standout forward is already expected to be the first pick in the NBA Draft and is showing signs of being a star.

President Barack Obama, however, has even higher hopes for the young player. President Obama invited people to ask him questions on Twitter today while at a high school in Baton Rouge. While most of the questions were political in nature, one strayed off to one of the President’s other passions – basketball.

The question was pretty much a setup for the President, who is an unabashed Bulls fan. Fittingly, the question came on the 30th anniversary of Michael Jordan’s first triple-double in the NBA.

But not only did the President take the slam dunk answer, he threw in a surprise ending.

Maybe he was just pandering to the local crowd, but that’s high praise for Simmons. Not only is the President a fan, but he included Simmons in a group of some of the best players in NBA history.

This wasn’t the only time President Obama gave Simmons a shout-out. Earlier in the day while giving a speech, the President made note of Simmons, who was in the crowd.

Hopefully Simmons has strong nerves. Nothing like letting down the President of the United States.