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PETA offers reward for info on dead cat left hanging from tree in Waukegan

Animal rights activists are offering rewards totaling $6,000 for information leading to an arrest in the case of a dead cat that was left hanging from a tree last month in north suburban Waukegan.

The animal was found the morning of Dec. 18, 2015, strung with rope around its neck at the corner of New York Street and Montesano Avenue, Waukegan Police Cmdr. Joe Florip said.

Fat Cat Rescue, an anti-cruelty organization in Lake County, announced a $1,000 reward in the day’s after the cat was found, and PETA announced Friday it would offer an additional $5,000 reward.

“Someone in the Waukegan area was callous enough to subject this poor cat to the agony of being hanged, and that person is dangerous,” PETA senior director Colleen O’Brien said in an email.

The case is still open, and no arrests have been made, Florip said Friday. Anyone with information should call Waukegan police at (847) 360-9000.