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Metra BNSF trains delayed after Amtrak accident near Lisle

Metra BNSF trains were stopped near Lisle Saturday night after an accident involving an Amtrak train, and big delays were expected as a result.

At 6:35 p.m., Amtrak train 383 headed for Quincy hit a BNSF welding truck, according to Chelsea Kopta, an Amtrak spokesperson. The Amtrak train had 114 passengers and three crew members on board, and no one was injured, Kopta said.

The truck was parked near the tracks while workers made track repairs, according to Meg Reile, a Metra spokesperson. Two track workers were injured and taken to a hospital in Downers Grove, Reile said.

“Every indication I have is that it is still going to be a while before tracks are clear,” Reile said.

Inbound and outbound trains were stopped following the accident. Outbound train No. 1317 was stopped near the incident, but was operating express toward Aurora with extensive delays as of 10:56 p.m., according to Metra.

Passengers on outbound train No. 1319 were transferred to train No. 1317 so train No. 1319 could return to the city to be the 10:45 p.m. outbound BNSF train, Reile said.

Inbound trains No. 1320 and No. 1322 were canceled late Saturday night, and BNSF will not have inbound service until train No. 1324 departs Aurora at 11:20 p.m. Train No. 1324 will most likely have a delayed departure, according to Metra.

Amtrak train 383 was the last train headed to Quincy, so no other Amtrak trains were impacted by the accident.