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Pau Gasol shows off his fashion sense for coming feature story

Pau Gasol poses for a picture during his Chicago Splash photo shoot. (All photos courtesy of @paugasol on Twitter)

Bulls big man Pau Gasol is a renaissance man. Not only is he an All-Star on the court, he’s also one of the smartest players in the NBA. Oh, and he clearly has a killer fashion sense.

In advance of a feature story on Gasol in Splash, the Bulls’ center posed for some pictures. Derek Zoolander has nothing on this Spaniard.

Despite not getting off of his big, comfy-looking chair, Gasol made it work. Nothing like casually playing with a basketball with the city in the background.

The pictures were all posted by Gasol on his Twitter account.

The story will be released at the end of the month in the coming newest Splash.

Gasol and the Bulls will enter into one of the most crucial points of their season. After dropping four of their last five games, the Bulls have four games this coming week, including both Golden State and Cleveland.