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Mark Wahlberg is giving Jimmy Butler one last All-Star push

With only hours left to vote for the NBA All-Star Game, Bulls fans are doing their best to get Jimmy Butler into the Eastern Conference starting lineup. In addition to all the Bulls fans, there is one Celtics fan doing his part.

Jimmy Butler’s famous friend, Mark Wahlberg, gave the Bulls shooting guard a boost. The actor tweeted out a video of Butler’s highlights and his official vote for his friend.

The tweet was sent out to Wahlberg’s 2.88 million followers and was retweeted 4,826 times, each counting as an additional vote.

Unfortunately for Butler, he would need a few more huge bumps like that if he wants to break into the starting lineup. The last round of voting had Butler with the fourth most votes amongst guards in the east and needing nearly 40,000 votes to break into the top two.


This isn’t the first time Wahlberg has tried to help get Butler into the All-Star Game. He posted two tweets Saturday voting for Butler. Those tweets added roughly a combined 6.7 thousand votes for Butler.

Fortunately for the Bulls guard, he almost certainly won’t need the fans to get him to Toronto for the game. He’s been the Bulls’ best player all season long and arguably the best two-way player in the east.