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Fall Out Boy's Pete Wentz shows his Bulls pride

One of the best things about sports is how it brings together fans from all walks of life. Monday, Bulls fans watched as their team took on the Detroit Pistons, that included Fall Out Boy bassist Pete Wentz.

The Wilmette native has never been shy about his love of the Bulls, and put it on display again Monday afternoon. Wentz retweeted a video of Pau Gasol from Friday’s game against Dallas while simultaneously giving the center an All-Star vote.

Wentz has been watching the Bulls all season long. He sent out a similar tweet earlier in the day to support Jimmy Butler’s All-Star bid and celebrated when Butler scored 53 points during the Bulls win over Philadelphia.

The last time Wentz and Fall Out Boy came to Chicago, Wentz was again showing his Bulls love. The bassist wore a Michael Jordan jersey while on stage.