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WATCH: Cubs fan in crazy hat rips Theo Epstein's baseball moves

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After putting the Cubs ahead of schedule on their rebuild, defeating the arch-rival Cardinals in the divisional playoffs and making three more big offseason moves, Theo Epstein probably figured he could rest easy last weekend at Cubs Convention.


A woman dressed in a wild Cubs hat and claiming to be an original bleacher bum criticized the Cubs president of baseball operations for not holding on to players long enough.

She cited the loyalty past Cubs’ regimes showed to players such as Ernie Banks, Ron Santo and Billy Williams. The woman chided Epstein for dumping a pitcher she liked but couldn’t remember his name. Edwin Jackson, maybe?

She expressed concern that the Cubs will trade all their players AFTER they win the World Series. I’m sure Epstein loses sleep over that potential dilemma.

As the woman rambled on for almost two minutes—and quickly became known as #CrazyHatLady on social media—the snickering crowd pleaded for closure. A patient Epstein delivered, nicely explaining in so many words that she is holding on to a bygone era.