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Young Cubs fan has special tribute for Addison Russell

Coming off one of the most exciting seasons of recent memory, Cubs fans are all worked up for the start of the 2016 campaign. All of the crazy fandom was on full display over the weekend at the Cubs Convention.

No one better embodied the fan mentality than one young fan at the convention. Wearing his Addison Russell jersey, the fan showed off his slick new haircut, which included an image of the Cubs shortstop shaved into the back of his head.

Russell clearly enjoyed the tribute, he retweeted it to his Twitter followers. The young shortstop is clearly piling up fans at a rapid pace.

Ricketts trolls the Mets

That same kind of fevered excitement spilled into the owner’s booth as well. Cubs board member Todd Ricketts spoke to fans and told a story from the postseason. It’s safe to say, he didn’t make any friends in the New York Mets community.

Ricketts told laughing fans that Mets fans are “really, really obnoxious.” Then mentioned he and his wife took some pleasure in watching them lose in the World Series.

From the Sun-Times’ Gordon Wittenmyer:

“I’m telling you when [Royals runner Eric] Hosmer’s left hand went across home plate, my wife jumped up and pointed at the TV and she said, `Screw you, Matt Harvey! Screw you, Mets fans!’ “ Ricketts said.

With both the Mets and Cubs showcasing plenty of young talent, this may help brew a nice rivalry in the coming seasons.