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West Chicago police use antidote to save overdosed man’s life

West Chicago police officers saved the life of a man who overdosed on heroin Thursday night.

At 9:40 p.m., police responded to a call of an unconscious 21-year-old man who overdosed on heroin in the 300 block of East Blair Street, according to a statement from West Chicago police.

Officers found the man unconscious and not breathing, and they administered Naloxone Hydrochloride, or Narcan, while performing CPR, police said. Narcan is an antidote used to counter the effects of opioid drugs like heroin.

West Chicago Fire Protection District paramedics arrived to the scene and began treating the man, who regained consciousness and sat up within minutes. He was taken to the hospital for treatment, and he is expected to make a full recovery, police said.

“The use of heroin is a reality in virtually all communities today,” said West Chicago Police Chief Michael Uplegger in the statement. “Equipping our officers with Narcan is another critical took in the tool box for the fight against heroin in our community. I am extremely proud of the officers for taking quick action and saving the life of this young man.”

West Chicago police officers have been carrying Narcan since February 2014 as part of a DuPage initiative to equip all officers with the drug. Since receiving the drug, West Chicago officers administered Narcan eight times: six times in 2014, once in 2015 and again in the most recent case, police said.