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Kids ask Cubs players questions at Cubs Convention

Anthony Rizzo and David Ross laugh at a question while on stage for the Cubs Convention kids press conference. (Photo via Chicago Cubs on Facebook)

There is plenty of time for craziness at the Cubs Convention. Throughout the weekend, the players in attendance were asked all sorts of questions on just about every topic. But the best questions may have come from a group not old enough to remember the 2003 playoffs.

The Cubs hosted a kids only press conference, allowing young fans to hurl questions at David Ross, Jason Hammel and Anthony Rizzo. It’s difficult figuring out which was more entertaining, the questions or the answers.

To their credit, the kids’ questions brought some serious answers to the table. After the press conference, fans now know that Rizzo and Clark the Cub are best friends, David Ross is too old for video games and Kyle Schwarber can’t sing.

Oh, and while Rizzo can definitely dance, Ross doesn’t think he can read. But the All-Star first baseman may dispute that claim.

Watch the full press conference below