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Jimmy Butler among the NBA's best-selling jerseys

For years Derrick Rose has held a permanent spot on the NBA’s best-selling jersey list. Now he’s being joined by a Bulls teammate, as Jimmy Butler has cracked the league’s top 10.

The list of the NBA’s best jersey sales comes from For the first time in his career, Butler has cracked the top 10, reaching No. 10 overall. Rose came in just a few spots higher with the No. 6 selling jersey.

The Bulls are one of three teams to have multiple players in the list’s top 10, joined by the Oklahoma City Thunder and Cleveland Cavaliers.

Because of that, and with help from Joakim Noah and Bulls legends, the Bulls rank second in overall merchandise sales.

Since his MVP season, Rose has been not only the face of the franchise, but has signed contracts with both Adidas and Giordano’s. Butler, on the other hand, is yet to ink a major marketing deal.

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