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Derrick Rose posterized Goran Dragic six years ago today

Six years ago today, Derrick Rose threw down what remains one of the most impressive dunks of his NBA career.

After jumping off two feet, Rose elevated well above the rim to smash a nasty dunk on top of Phoenix Suns point guard Goran Dragic.

Bulls announcer Stacey King absolutely lost his mind.

“Stop it! Stop it! Do not do him like that,” King said in a 30-second outburst of excitement. “What are you doing Dragic? Did you not get the memo? Derrick Rose can go upstairs. Woo! O my goodness. Watch this! I want to go higher! O my goodness. Dragic! Somebody grab Dragic, and say ‘Do you know who this kid is? He’s from Chicago. He has a 40-inch vertical.’ Where’s my poster machine? This is when I need my poster machine. Where’s it at? O my goodness.”

King’s partner Neil Funk barely got in a word during the riff.

Coming back to reality, six years later, Rose is nowhere near the player he used to be.

Nonetheless, his slam over Dragic will be a celebrated feat in Bulls history for many years to come.