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Hundreds of Chicago flights canceled Saturday, Sunday because of East Coast blizzard

Nearly 300 flights were cancelled at Chicago’s airports Saturday as a major blizzard socked the East Coast, bringing most of the Mid-Atlantic region’s airports to a standstill and sending ripples across the nation.

According to online flight tracker FlightAware, airline companies cancelled 213 flights scheduled to fly into or out of O’Hare as of Saturday night, and nearly 100 more flights were delayed, some of them for hours.Another 63 flights that were scheduled to fly in to or out of Midway were cancelled; 17 more were delayed.Forecasts by the National Weather Service show the storm dissipating early Sunday, but it will take some time before airlines get back to normal. In Chicago, flight cancellations continue through all of Sunday — so far 169 flights at O’Hare and 51 at Midway.