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Emanuel visits with police at South Side roll call

Mayor Rahm Emanuel addressed about 30 police officers who lined up outdoors Sunday for a chilly and visible roll call on the South Side.

“A lot of folks out there really appreciate what you’re doing,” Emanuel told officers lined up at 63rd and University.

The mayor visited with the Grand Crossing district officers as he continues to cope with months of fallout over the police shooting death of Laquan McDonald, the black teenager shot 16 times by a white officer now charged with his murder.

Earlier Sunday, the mayor’s office announced that he’s invited former Deputy Police Supt. Charles Ramsey to consult on reform at CPD.

Emanuel told officers that aldermen and community leaders sought the outdoor roll calls.

“So there’s more of a presence, more of a relationship, more of a conversation and dialogue,” Emanuel said. “So people can see you, not somebody just patrolling the neighborhood but part of the neighborhood.”