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Jimmy Fallon goofs on Aurora’s Ice JJ Fish on ‘The Tonight Show’

The 90 seconds that Jimmy Fallon spent playing and discussing Aurora singer Ice JJ Fish on “The Tonight Show” wasn’t the ideal kind of publicity.

Fish’s song “On the Floor” was part of Fallon’s “Do Not Play” segment of music deemed unlistenable by the comedian, alongside oddball ditties by singers Wing, Michael Franks and (really) presidential candidate Bernie Sanders.

Fallon gleefully goofed on Fish’s album cover and bounced to the opening beats on Monday’s show, but once Fish’s high-pitched vocals kicked in, his smile sank to a sickly grimace.

“I’ve never heard anything like that in my lifetime,” he said charitably.

But bandleader ?uestlove had. He recognized Fish’s name the instant Fallon brought it up and even cheerily lip-synced along with “On the Floor.”

“I love this song!” he exclaimed. “I can’t stop listening to it!”

Despite or perhaps because of his unconventional style, Fish — real name Daniel Mcloyd — has drawn a lot of Internet attention, with almost a half million subscribers to his YouTube channel and views there for his “On the Floor” video topping 45 million.

See the Fish segment at 7:00:

And here is Fish’s much-viewed video: