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Chicago firm launches food, alcohol delivery search engine

A new search engine aims to corral the burgeoning food and alcohol delivery businesses in Chicago.

Bootler, officially launched Tuesday, wants to be a one-stop shop for ordering food and alcohol delivery. The company rounds up information from different services so users can search them all at once.

Users enter their address and then may search by restaurant or food category. Bootler tallies the price as menu items are selected and compares the bills when multiple delivery services are available. Beer, wine or liquor orders are handled by Saucey.

Bootler says it offers delivery options for more than 4,000 restaurants in Chicago. The company intends to expand to other cities.

“After a ton of experimentation, we figured out how to aggregate data from the all the major food delivery services,” Michael DiBenedetto, founder and CEO of Bootler, said in a news release. “We’ve found that the differences in price, menu options, taxes and delivery times can be significant.”

In addition to Saucey, Bootler has partnered with