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Jim McMahon suspects NFL silenced ‘Concussion’

Former Bears quarterback Jim McMahon saw the movie “Concussion,” and wishes more people would have.

Instead, McMahon — who said his health has improved after doctors have helped align his neck — suspects that the NFL helped to quiet the Will Smith movie shortly after its December release.

“Why did it go away? That’s what I want to know,” he said before a reunion of the 1985 Bears, 30 years after their Super Bowl XX victory, Tuesday at Soldier Field. “I bet the NFL had something to do with that. it was out for what, a week, and now all of a sudden you can’t find it anywhere?

“You know, I heard stories that they tried to stop it from coming out. that didn’t happen, but I think they got to all the movie houses and maybe paid them off.”

McMahon’s health improved, he said, when a New York doctor found his two top vertebrae were misaligned, causing his cerebral spinal fluid to be blocked.

“Thank God those doctors in New York found the problem,” he said. “Had I gone to a neurosurgeon, they probably would have drilled a hole in my head to drain the fluid and not find the problem. So these guys at least found the problem.”

He wants to meet Dr. Bennet Omalu, who Smith played in the movie.

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