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Art Institute announces its largest bequest ever: $35 million

Less than a year after receiving a record-setting donation of art estimated to be worth $400 million, the Art Institute of Chicago announced Tuesday it has received another windfall, this one in liquid cash.

Dorothy Braude Edinburg, who died last January, bequeathed more than $35 million to the museum to acquire new works for two of its collections: Asian Art, and Prints and Drawings, the Art Institute announced Tuesday.

It is the largest bequest of money in the museum’s history. Edinburg was a longtime collector and Art Institute benefactor.

“We will use this incredible funding to carry Dorothy’s vision forward — to inspire, educate, and delight future generations through the collection and presentation of exceptional art,” Art Institute president Douglas Druick said in a statement.

The bequest follows last year’s gift of 42 major works of American and European art by married Chicago collectors Stefan Edlis and Gael Neeson.