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Morgan Park and Simeon will finally face off in all-star rivalry game

Morgan Park's Charlie (2) Moore holds up 3 fingers after hitting his 4th one against Julian. Worsom Robinson/ For Sun-Times

High school basketball in Chicago has been one of the most talented pockets in the country over much of the last decade, if not longer. Thursday night, two of the best programs in the city will face off not only for the chance to be the best in the city, but to take the national spotlight.

After being delayed nearly two weeks, Simeon will play Morgan Park Thursday night in front of a packed house.The game was initially scheduled to be played January 16, but set to be played at a neutral venue. However, Morgan Park parents planed a boycott unless the location was changed.

Now, the game will be at Morgan Park with a significantly smaller crowd due to the gym’s size. The game is already sold out.

The game will feature two of the best recruits in the nation. Morgan Park point guard Charlie Moore and Simeon shooting guard Zach Norvell are both ranked in the top 100 recruits by ESPN and Rivals. Moore is signed to play with Memphis next season and Norvell has signed with Gonzaga.

Morgan Park is the third-ranked team in the state and top 15 nationally. There only loss on the year came out of the state, losing 64-61 to Detroit Jesuit.

In their first matchup this year at Simeon, Morgan Park held on to win 70-65. Moore put up 27 points to beat the then top-ranked Simeon team. The game will be aired live on The Cube at 4:30 PM.

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