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One year ago the Bulls gave the Warriors their last home loss

The Golden State Warriors are a really good team and they are even better at home. It’s hard enough to beat them at all, but with the home crowd behind them, the Warriors are nearly unbeatable.

Stephen Curry and the Warriors are on an incredibly impressive run. In fact, the last time they lost a home regular season game was exactly one year ago today. The last team to beat Golden State in the regular season at home was the 2014-15 Chicago Bulls.

At the time of the Bulls 113-111 win on the road, Golden State already had a double-digit home win streak on the line. The Bulls needed overtime to win that game.

All told, the Warriors have won 39 straight games at home. A win Wednesday night against the Mavericks would tie them for the second longest home-winning streak of all time. The only team in front of them would be the same Bulls team they are chasing throughout the season.

While the Bulls don’t have a chance to end the Warriors’ streak, it won’t be easy for Golden State to catch that record setting team. To do so, they would need to beat the Mavericks, Houston Rockets, Atlanta Hawks, Orlando Magic and the Oklahoma City Thunder twice. Besides the Magic, each of those teams is currently in a playoff position.

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