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McDonald's All-Americans are headed to the Chicago Theatre

An artistic rendering of what the Chicago Theatre will look like for the POWERADE Jam Fest in March. (Photo via the McDonald's All-American Game official website)

Every year some of the best young basketball players in the country come to Chicago for the annual McDonald’s All-American Game. When the players come this year, they will be put on a very special stage.

For the first time ever, there will be basketball at the legendary Chicago Theatre. McDonald’s has announced they will be hosting the POWERADE Jam Fest inside the Chicago Theatre. From the game’s official release:

For the first time ever, the Chicago Theatre’s stage will transform into a half court with the basketball hoop placed upstage center. Front-row seats will flank the center-court circle, putting audience members close to the action.

The night will include a dunk and three-point contest as well as a new addition, the “Legends and Stars Shootout,” teaming up a current All-American with a famous alumni.

The POWERADE Jam Fest will be held Monday, March 28. Tickets are going from $20 to $45 starting the morning of February 6.

The website also hints at a surprise live concert. Both players and celebrity judges are yet to be named.

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