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Mike Singletary shares why he skipped the '85 Bears' championship parade

Bears coach Mike Ditka stands up in the limo to wave to the fans during the super bowl victory parade.

More than 300,000 people gathered in Downtown Chicago for the 1985 Bears’ Super Bowl parade. Hall of Fame linebacker Mike Singletary wasn’t one of them.

Despite leading Chicago’s ferocious defense in a 46-10 Bears win over New England, Singletary decided to pass on the ticker-tape victory parade, which went down LaSalle street on a cold January day in 1986.

“I did not want to go to the parade and bask in (the win),” Singletary recently told ESPN. “I just felt we would do it again. I didn’t want to bring an ending to it because I felt there was so much more to accomplish.

“‘This is going to be the beginning, not the end. It’s the beginning.’ That’s what I thought.”

As it turns out, the 1985 Super Bowl win would be Singletary’s first and last, as the Bears won just two more playoffs games during his career. Chicago wouldn’t reach another Super Bowl until 2007.

Even still, the former 49ers coach said he has no regrets.

“If I had to do it again, I’d probably do the same thing,” Singletary said.

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