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Cardinals are slight favorite to win Super Bowl 50

Before the NFL season began, the Arizona Cardinals were anywhere from 30-1 to 50-1 to win the Super Bowl. As it stands today, the Cardinals at 5-1 are the slight favorite to win Super Bowl 50, according to

The Patriots had been the favorite most of the season until several key injuries set them back. The Panthers became a slight favorite a few weeks ago but slipped after losing their first game to the Falcons.

Here are the current odds to win Super Bowl 50 and other NFL postseason odds from

Odds to win Super Bowl 50

Arizona Cardinals: 5/1

New England Patriots: 6/1

Carolina Panthers: 6/1

Denver Broncos: 8/1

Seattle Seahawks: 8/1

Kansas City Chiefs: 12/1

Pittsburgh Steelers: 14/1

Cincinnati Bengals: 15/1

Washington Redskins: 25/1

Minnesota Vikings: 25/1

Green Bay Packers: 35/1

Houston Texans: 40/1

Odds to win on Wild Card weekend

Seattle Seahawks: 1/2

Kansas City Chiefs: 2/3

Pittsburgh Steelers: 5/6

Washington Redskins: 20/21

Green Bay Packers: 21/20

Cincinnati Bengals: 6/5

Houston Texans: 3/2

Minnesota Vikings: 2/1

Most likely Super Bowl match-ups

New England vs. Arizona: 10/1

New England vs. Carolina: 11/1

Denver vs. Arizona: 13/1

Denver vs. Carolina: 13/1

New England vs. Seattle: 15/1

Odds to win Super Bowl MVP

Tom Brady (New England Patriots): 15/1

Cam Newton (Carolina Panthers): 18/1

Carson Palmer (Arizona Cardinals): 20/1

Russell Wilson (Seattle Seahawks): 30/1

Larry Fitzgerald (Arizona Cardinals): 40/1

Demaryius Thomas (Denver Broncos): 40/1

Jonathan Stewart (Carolina Panthers): 50/1

Ben Roethlisberger (Pittsburgh Steelers): 60/1

Alex Smith (Kansas City Chiefs): 75/1

Rob Gronkowski (New England Patriots): 80/1

Here are some NFL awards odds:

Odds to win regular season NFL MVP

Cam Newton (Carolina Panthers): 1/3

Tom Brady (New England Patriots): 4/1

Carson Palmer (Arizona Cardinals): 20/1

Odds to win Defensive Player of the Year

JJ Watt (Houston Texans): 5/2

Aaron Donald (St. Louis Rams): 3/1

Josh Norman (Carolina Panthers): 5/1

Tyrann Mathieu (Arizona Cardinals): 11/2

Khalil Mack (Oakland Raiders): 9/1

Odds to win Offensive Rookie of the Year

Amari Cooper (Oakland Raiders): 1/1

Todd Gurley (St. Louis Rams): 3/1

Jameis Winston (Tampa Bay Buccaneers): 8/1

Marcus Mariota (Tennessee Titans): 10/1

Stefon Diggs (Minnesota Vikings): 15/1

Odds to win Defensive Rookie of the Year

Ronald Darby (Buffalo Bills): 3/2

Marcus Peters (Kansas City Chiefs): 5/2

Eric Kendricks (Minnesota Vikings): 3/1

Bud Dupree (Pittsburgh Steelers): 8/1

Leonard Williams (New York Jets): 12/1

Odds to win NFL Coach of the Year

Ron Rivera (Carolina Panthers): 3/2

Bruce Arians (Arizona Cardinals): 7/3

Andy Reid (Kansas City Chiefs): 10/1

Bill Belichick (New England Patriots): 15/1

Mike Zimmer (Minnesota Vikings): 20/1

Marvin Lewis (Cincinnati Bengals): 25/1

Gary Kubiak (Denver Broncos) 30/1