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Ice fishing: Regs for public sites, Chicago fishing


CHICAGO LAGOONS: No ice fishing.

COOK FP: Ice fish at your own risk: Arrowhead, Axehead, Beck, Belleau, Big Bend, Bode South only, Bullfrog, Busse main and south (not north pool), Flatfoot, Green, Horsetail, Ida, Maple, Papoose, Powderhorn, Saganashkee Slough, Sag Quarry east and west, Tampier, Turtlehead and Wampum.

DuPAGE FP: Ice fish at your own risk. Spring Creek Reservoir is closed to ice fishing. Late-night fishing is allowed at Deep Quarry, must be out by 11 p.m.

KANE FP: Ice fish at your own risk: Hampshire South, Lake Patterson and the two ponds within Paul Wolff Campground.

LAKE FP: When conditions allow, ice fishing permitted at Banana, Independence Grove south bay and Sterling.

MAZONIA SFWA: Monster Lake is open year-round; other lakes open after various hunting seasons. Ice fishing at your own risk.

McHENRY CCD: Ice fishing when appropriate (4 inches of clear ice) at the Hollows (Lake Atwood and West Lake), Pleasant Valley and Rush Creek pond.

SILVER SPRINGS SFWA: Ice fish at your own risk. Use east entrance.

WILL FP: No ice fishing.

WOLF LAKE: Ice fish at own risk.