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Derrick Rose returns with a bang after highlight layup

Derrick Rose fights off the defense while floating through the air for a bucket. (Photo Credit @_MarcusD_ on Twitter)

No one was sure if Derrick Rose would be able to play Tuesday night for the Bulls until just a few hours before the game against the Milwaukee Bucks was set to start. Not only was Rose on the court, but he looked ready to attack.

In the second quarter with the Bulls in the lead, Rose went hard to the hoop. As the defense rotated over, Rose floated under the hoop flipping the ball off the backboard to extend the Bulls lead.

Rose isn’t having his best offensive game, but considering it’s his first game off a leg injury fans should take solace in seeing the point guard not only on the attack but making move in the air.

The Bulls offense was still clearly being led by Jimmy Butler, but Rose’s addition was helping to give the team a second or sometimes third option. The Bulls have held a lead just shy of 10 points through most of the game.