Stacey King is a little too ‘ruff’ on Bulls’ performing dog

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A sports analyst’s job is to give insightful and honest opinion and, if possible, inject some humor into the broadcast.

Bulls’ broadcaster Stacey King is one of the best at it.

However, he might have stepped in it on Tuesday night, landing him square in the doghouse with partner Neil Funk.

When United Center entertainment extraordinaire “Wonder Dog” took the floor, Funk was pointing out the canine’s extreme athleticism just as he struggled to perform a risky hoop trick.

King wasn’t having any of it. He barked, “listen, listen, it’s time, it’s time,” as if trying to hound the poor little guy into retirement.

Hey, Kobe Bryant isn’t nailing every shot on his retirement tour, and I don’t hear any complaints from King about him.

In canine years, the dog is probably approaching a hundred, but he’s put millions of smiles on faces throughout the years. Maybe the cuddly fella was just having an off night or tweaked his hamstring.

Funk tried to stand up for the canine wonder, but his partner would have none of it.

King even suggested that his own favorite, Scooby, would be a better option. Oh, sure, throw all those years of experience aside to bring in a rookie.

Well, listen here “beep-beep” man, not every rookie is Bobby Portis.

If you think Scooby can just trot in and learn old tricks, watch this E-60 video of “Rookie” the bat dog. [12-minute mark]

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