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Dennis Rodman mum on his man in North Korea

For once, Dennis Rodman is staying silent on the topic of Kim Jong-un and North Korea.

After North Korea reported it detonated a hydrogen bomb, the former Chicago Bulls star has remained silent.

When reached by telephone, Darren Prince, Rodman’s agent, said the 54-year-old Rodman would not be speaking about North Korea’s hydrogen bomb claims. Prince revealed that he has been receiving plenty of calls seeking his client’s comments on the situation.

After making a trip in 2014 to Pyongyang, North Korea’s capital, Rodman called the time he spent with his “friend” Kim a “great idea for the world.”

Early in 2015, Rodman became emotional when describing the hate and death threats he received because of his trip to North Korea.

Maybe we are seeing a maturation of “The Worm.”