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1985 Bears Coverage: Fans buy up 1 million copies of `Super Bowl Shuffle'

Every day of the 2015 Chicago Bears season, Chicago Sun-Times Sports will revisit its coverage 30 years ago during the 1985 Bears’ run to a Super Bowl title.

Fans buy up 1 million copies of `Super Bowl Shuffle’

Sun-Times Staff

Originally published Jan. 6, 1986

You knew the “Super Bowl Shuffle” was a catchy song, but did you know how catchy?

It’s the stuff of gold records, said Dick Meyer, president of Red Label Records, the Chicago firm that produced the season’s most dance able ditty starring Walter Payton, Gary Fencik, Jim McMahon, Otis Wilson, William Perry and assorted other Bears.

That means a million units of the super song have been sold. And that was before the team advanced one step closer to New Orleans yesterday.

“Now we’re headed for platinum,” Meyer predicted, noting the shuffle video also is hot.

Perhaps the best part of the new hit is that a big chunk of its sales will go to Chicago’s neediest families. The exact figure hasn’t been determined, says Meyer, but he guarantees it’ll be “in the mid-to-high six figures.”

Will he be present to root for our hometown boys if they make it to the Superdome?

“Well, I have a feeling I can get a couple tickets,” the rabid Bears fan said with a laugh. “And believe me, a Super Bowl win would make me happier than 10 million records sold.”