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Boeing reports record airplane deliveries in 2015

Boeing Co. says it delivered a record number of commercial airplanes in 2015.

The Chicago-based aerospace company reported Thursday it delivered 762 jets last year, 39 more than in 2014.

The company reported net orders of 768 jets valued at $112.4 billion based on list prices. Net orders were down 46 percent compared with 2014, when Boeing booked 1,432 orders. The company’s unfilled orders essentially held steady at 5,795 planes.

“We had a solid year of orders in 2015, maintaining a strong, balanced backlog that will help ensure a steady stream of deliveries for years to come,” Boeing Commercial Airplanes president and CEO Ray Conner said in a news release.

Boeing delivered 135 of its 787 aircraft in 2015, up 18 percent from 2014 when it delivered 114 Dreamliners.