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Derrick Rose puts on a show against the Celtics defense

With the Bulls holding onto a lead, Derrick Rose went into full highlight mode against the Celtics Thursday night. In back-to-back possessions, the former MVP brought the United Center crowd to its feet.

The excitement came with less than five minutes remaining for the Bulls. As he had through most of the game, Rose found ways to attack the rim. This time, it was another Chicago native, Evan Turner, who Rose abused.

Roughly a minute later, Rose put the defense in a spin cycle. The point guard drove then kicked back to Pau Gasol, who gave the ball back for a wide open layup.

On the very next possession, Rose again found himself in attack mode. While the layup didn’t fall this time, he found his own rebound. Then found a cutting Jimmy Butler with a no-look, beautiful pass.

Rose went after the hoop for a third straight possession on the Bulls’ next possession. While it did lead to more points, Rose didn’t get the points or an assist on that possession.

Behind Rose and Butler, the Bulls went on to hold off the Celtics and win 101-92. It is the sixth straight win for the Bulls and continues their undefeated 2016.