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The Bulls are slowing things down and it's helping the offense

When Fred Hoiberg was hired, it brought hopes that the Bulls would turn into a fast-paced, high scoring offense. Both of those things have happened so far this season, but not at the same time.

In fact, over the Bulls recent winning streak, their offense has looked better as they have slowed things down.

The two sample sizes are clearly not the same, and there may be other factors at play, but it’s clear the Bulls are performing better with a slower offense.

After the Bulls sixth win in a row Thursday night, Rose was asked what the key was to the team’s recent success. Despite reaching at least 100 points for the ninth consecutive game, the point guard said the most important thing for the team was their defense and rebounding.

On the season, the Bulls are still in the middle of the pack for both points scored and points allowed.

The Bulls offense is coming together, regardless of how it’s happening. If the team continues to play at this level they may become a legitimate threat to Cleveland in the Eastern Conference.