Dwyane Wade is having no trouble defending Father Time so far

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It’s a simple process for Dwyane Wade with his new team and his same old knees.

“I just see how I wake up every day, put one foot in front of the next, then I come in here and see how I feel and I go, so it’s been good,’’ Wade said on Saturday, after being a full participant for all seven training camp practices thus far.

No setbacks, no injuries yet.

Even more impressive, Wade took a charge in one of the practices in mid-week, and in the Friday scrimmages was absolutely unstoppable on the offensive end, according to teammate Taj Gibson.

According to Wade, the key in making sure that he will remain upright for later in the season and hopefully into the playoffs will be communication. Not only with coach Fred Hoiberg, but listening to a 34-year-old body that screams to him these days rather than whispers.

“I mean I feel good enough,’’ Wade said. “The main thing right now is I’m just trying to learn everything and get into shape as well. Obviously we got a long way still to go here, but as I told coach it’s my job to be smart as well. So seven practices in a row, it’s been challenging, but this is how the season goes sometimes. You have to get used to the mental challenge of it as well as physical.’’

Hoiberg said that there is no scheduled off-day for Wade, which is a big change from last training camp when the Bulls were forced to give scheduled off days to Pau Gasol, Joakim Noah, Taj Gibson and Derrick Rose because of all their injury problems.

“It’s mostly by feel,’’ Hoiberg said of this camp’s process of getting his players rest. “Wade still has felt great. We’ve been doing a lot of shooting before practice; trying to get loosened up. He’s had two really good days in a row now. He’s starting to get over his soreness a little bit. We’ll just continue to communicate through it. If he comes in and he doesn’t feel right one day, we’ll sit him out a practice. Again, he’ll still be a good influence on our guys from the sidelines with his voice.’’

Turning it over

A big reason the Bulls defense struggled after Jan. 1, last season had to do with the inability to force the opposition into turnovers.

The Bulls finished second to the bottom in that category, and that has been an emphasis this season and through the first week of training camp.

“We were [second] last in the league in forcing turnovers last year, and again, we are turning the ball over way too much,’’ Hoiberg said. “We have a guy in [Rajon] Rondo that’s a high steals guy, got great hands, great instincts, great wingspan. Jimmy [Butler] has always had great anticipation and one of the top steals guys.

“If we can impact the ball more, on the ball screen and pick up full court, hopefully we will cause more turnovers and be able to get some easy baskets.’’

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