Brother of man killed by off-duty police released on bond

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Michael Beal, brother of Joshua Beal, walks out of the Cook County Jail after posting bond in 2016. | Rummana Hussain/Sun-Times file photo

The brother of an Indianapolis man killed by off-duty Chicago Police officers in Mount Greenwood over the weekend was released from Cook County Jail Thursday afternoon after an anonymous donor offered the funds to post his bond.

Chicago Community Bond Fund worked with Black Lives Matter activists to raise money for Michael Beal’s bond after a judge ordered him held in lieu of $500,000 bail for aggravated battery to a police officer and attempting to disarm a police officer earlier this week.

One donor gave $50,000 to post the entire amount needed for Beal’s release but others raised $5,000 as well, said Sharyln Grace, a lawyer with CCBF.

Beal, 28, also of Indianapolis, did not make any comments as he walked away from the jail and was ushered into a car by family and friends.

Beal is accused of struggling with one of the officers during Saturday’s incident and yelling, “F— you! You killed my brother! I’m going to kill you!”

Michael Beal | Rummana Hussain/Sun-Times

Michael Beal | Rummana Hussain/Sun-Times

Prosecutors said Beal flew into a rage when his brother, 25-year-old Joshua Beal was shot to death by cops after the younger Beal pointed a gun at an off-duty officer and others during a traffic dispute.

Joshua Beal screamed, “You’re not the only motherf—— with guns,” according to prosecutors.

The family’s account of what unfolded was vastly different than the police’s version.

They said they were leaving a funeral procession after burying a relative when an off-duty officer tried to run another family member off the road. The mourners pulled over the cop, who pushed a woman to the ground and pointed a gun in her face.

“He was unjustly arrested,” Kofi Ademola, of Black Lives Matter, said of Michael Beal. “…Half a million dollars was a ridiculous amount of bail to set.”

Cordney Boxley and talking to reporters outside Cook County Jail Thursday. | Rummana Hussain/Sun-Times

Cordney Boxley and talking to reporters outside Cook County Jail Thursday. | Rummana Hussain/Sun-Times

Ademola pointed out that former Chicago Police Detective Dante Servin was given only a $75,000 bail for the shooting death of Rekia Boyd.

Ademola said activists want to know the names of the officers involved in Joshua Beal’s death and want access to any videos that may have captured the shooting.

“We are asking that they get held accountable,” Ademola said.

The Independent Police Review Authority is investigating the incident.

The Beals’ sister Cordney Boxley said Michael Beal is a “great man” who has his own automotive business and takes care of their disabled grandmother.

“He’s all about family,” Boxley said, saying Michael Beal is not an “animal.”

“He’ll help whoever. … He’ll give you the shirt off his back. He’s not a bad person.”

Joshua Beal was fatally shot Nov. 5, 2016, in an altercation with off-duty Chicago cops in Mount Greenwood. | Provided photo

Joshua Beal was shot and killed on Saturday. | Provided photo

Provided photo

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