If Harriet Tubman replaces President Andrew Jackson on the $20 bill, it will be the first time an African-American has been featured on US currency. | Getty Images

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Monday Letters: Can Trump build bridges to African Americans?

SHARE Monday Letters: Can Trump build bridges to African Americans?
SHARE Monday Letters: Can Trump build bridges to African Americans?

What does Donald Trump have in common with Harriet Tubman? Both will soon change America in a very big way. Donald Trump has sadi he is against putting Harriet Tubman on the $20 bill, (scheduled to be released in 2020) calling it “pure political correctness.”

Though Trump’s stance against the political establishment and political correctness may have contributed to him getting elected, he has an opportunity to prove to the entire nation and the world that he is capable of building bridges instead of dams amidst claims of him being a racist and a sexist.

With the nation divided on so many issues, Trump should embrace the legacy and contributions of an African-American woman responsible for fighting to end slavery in the United States, if for no other reason than to foster solidarity among millions of Americans distressed by the election results, and to help close the Pandora’s box of hatred in this country his campaign has successfully help open. Hopefully, President-elect Donald Trump can learn to think before he speaks before his term is over, or saying what’s on his mind may prove to be more than just his legacy — but his Achilles’ heel.

William J. Booker, Park Forest

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Fewer police

The coming of autonomous cars will lead to lesser needs for police personnel and equipment. The cars will obey speed limits, stop signs, red lights, etc. Accidents will be greatly reduced as the self-driven cars are much safer. This will particularly become so when all cars communicate with each other to avoid collisions. I suggest that government officials prepare for this when planning future police and sheriff department needs.

Curt Renz, Hampshire

Better idea

If Donald Trump is serious about keeping immigrants out, here’s a suggestion that will save the taxpayers a lot of money and do the job, too. Instead of building an expensive wall, why not postphotos of the new president every 50 feet alongour borders and at all the entry points to our country (including airports). I guarantee it will be a lot more effective than brick and stone and appeal to his vanity, too.John Farrell, Batavia

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