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3 Chicago Cubs sing with Bill Murray, dance for a corpse on ‘SNL’

Chicago Cubs Dexter Fowler (from left), David Ross and Anthony Rizzo get ready to gyrate for a dead bachelorette (Aidy Bryant) on "Saturday Night Live." Host Benedict Cumberbatch (lower left) and Mikey Day play fellow strippers.

Of all the honors accorded the Chicago Cubs since their World Series victory, perhaps none will surpass what Dexter Fowler, David Ross and Anthony Rizzo just experienced: the chance to defile a corpse on “Saturday Night Live.”

The trio made a brief but bizarre cameo on Saturday’s episode, playing themselves and performing a sexy dance for an 83-year-old bride-to-be who, unbeknownst to everyone, had just dropped dead.

Dressed in short shorts, sleeveless shirts and Cubs caps for the bachelorette party scene, each convincingly delivered a line meant to stir up the ladies present.

“What’s up, girls?” Fowler said upon entering the scene. “Who wants to hit a granny slam?”

Ross chimed in, “Don’t worry, Grandma! Grandpa Rossy will take good care of you!”

“It’s your lucky night,” Rizzo added, stroking his tummy suggestively. “We’re about to pull a triple header!”

With that, the three surrounded the deceased guest of honor and treated her to some aggressive pelvic thrusts.

The “Weekend at Bernie’s”-style stiff was played, appropriately enough, by a former Chicagoan: Aidy Bryant, who was plucked by “SNL” from the local improv scene. While some Windy City women may have welcomed the triple-decker Cubbie sandwich, Bryant’s enjoyment likely was lessened by her admitted apathy toward the game.

Later in the show, they reappeared during Weekend Update to belt out “Go Cubs Go” with “SNL” alum and Cubs megafan Bill Murray, who declared the song “an original composition.” It was a pretty straightforward rendition with one new lyric to close out the number: “The Cubs are world champs today!”

Among the quartet’s backup singers: “SNL” writer and former Chicago improv performer Katie Rich, a lifelong Cubs fan.

Of course, politics were front and center on the last “SNL” before Tuesday’s election, but even there the Northsiders were a factor. Playing erstwhile Cubs fan Hillary Clinton in the opening sketch, Kate McKinnon swung an imaginary bat and insisted, “It might be the bottom of the ninth and it’s tied and it’s raining, bu this old Chicago Cub is still gonna bring it home.”