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When Michael Jordan shot FTs at nine moving baskets for Japanese TV show

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Michael Jordan has accomplished just about everything there is to accomplish in the game of basketball.

NBA Championship, Olympic gold medal, NCAA Championship, Basketball Hall of Fame—the GOAT has done it all.

So, it was no real surprise to come across a video of MJ shooting free throws at nine moving baskets.


Jordan took part in an event for a Japanese television show (although, the clip was filmed in Los Angeles) and played two shooting games called 9 Hoops II & 9 Hoops Hide which allowed Jordan to take shots at a unique nine-basket set-up.

The difference between the two games was 9 Hoops II had the baskets constantly moving and the 9 Hoops Hide had them at different heights.

Every pair of Air Jordans Get a good look at Jordan’s apparel. It’s one of the few times you will see him devoid of the swoosh.

Jordan did the stunt in 2000 when he was retired from basketball. Maybe it spurred the comeback.