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Linda Yu’s daughter, Francesca Baer, on Friday’s ‘Hawaii 5-O’

Veteran Chicago broadcaster Linda Yu has been an anchor and mainstay at Our Town’s ABC station, WLS-TV, but her daughter, actress Francesca Baer, will again be showing up on CBS this week. Baer has landed a role on this Friday’s episode of “Hawaii 5-0,” (8 p.m., WBBM-Channel 2), playing the manager of a Victoria’s Secret store.

Chicago native Baer, who grew up here, trained at Evanston’s Piven Theatre Workshop, before heading to England, where she further studied at the British American Drama Academy. Baer’s earlier CBS acting job was last year on “Intelligence,” starring Josh Holloway.

The actress also has another connection to “Hawaii Five-O” star Scott Caan since this past summer she shot an independent movie with the actor’s father, veteran performer James Caan.

Not surprisingly, Yu is very happy about her daughter’s budding career in Hollywood, saying, “I’m just the proud mother of a beautiful, talented and smart actress and loving daughter.”