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Michael O’Brien’s notebook: Feb. 13, 2016

Well, North Lawndale and Morgan Park snapped me out of the funk. Fabulous atmosphere, fabulous game. No one at the CPS will talk to me, so I didn’t bother asking, but whoever decided to have the quarterfinals at the high schools and not some sterile neutral site did us all a great service.

The best of Public League basketball was on display on Saturday at Collins. All the passion and high-level talent was on display. Charlie Moore was the difference, big shock. North Lawndale was really impressive though, they are better than I thought.


Tonight’s top games

Hinsdale Central 46, Glenbard West 36: I know some people think I’m being rough on the Hilltoppers. Not trying to burst anyone’s bubble, but this isn’t a surprise. Justin Pierce just has to do way, way too much.

Oswego 56, Romeoville 52: Almost drove out to this one. Heard that Michael Salter didn’t play. Appears the Panthers are healthy again.

Curie 59, Farragut 55: Same old story for Curie. Eventually they aren’t going to be able to come back from a slow start .

Kenwood 73, Westinghouse 65: The Warriors have had a really solid season and definitely kept this closer than most people expected. Huge game for the Broncos in the semis.

Simeon 71, Young 45: Total domination by the Wolverines. They seem to be firing on all cylinders heading into the Battle of Vincennes Part 3.

UIC Prep 68, Rowe-Clark 38: Still unbeaten.

Benet 75, St. Charles East 51: Very surprised this was such a beatdown.

Deerfield 91, Carmel 87: Looks like this was a fun one.

Downers Grove South 51, Willowbrook 50: DGS continues to confound. I really can’t figure out why they aren’t better. One of those teams that seems to be less than the sum of its parts.