Letters: Editorial was unfair to Rep. Dunkin

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Kenneth “Ken” Dunkin, Illinois House 5th District Democratic primary candidate and incumbent. | Rich Hein/Sun-Times

I am surprised and disappointed by the editorial of Feb. 15 titled “Gov. Rauner’s Baggage named ‘Dunkin’.” You flat-out labeled Rep. Ken Dunkin as a “sell-out” Democrat, an opportunist and a pariah, who is justifiably being targeted for extermination by the Illinois Democratic Party.

I can’t help but wonder if the tone of this editorial is beneath the aspirations of the Chicago Sun-Times. I believe it contributes to the negative, downward spiral of the democratic process in Illinois and throughout the country. In your Feb. 8 interview with contestants in the 5th District race (Dunkin and Juliana Stratton) you acknowledged many of the claims that Dunkin made about the process and current Speaker of the House Michael Madigan; you acknowledged to challenger Stratton that many people in the past have mentioned “plantation politics” when referring to the Illinois State Legislature and pressed her to describe/label the process in her own words if she was offended by Dunkin’s phrase, She did not. I thought the questions to both candidates were fair and balanced during this interview.

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Your Feb. 15 editorial appears to be a hit piece on Rep. Dunkin! Forget that fact that Speaker of the House Madigan is playing a game of brinkmanship with the governor at the expense of our most vulnerable citizens. Forget the charges made (which you acknowledged as being truthful) that the House Speaker has created a powerful machine designed to reward loyal Democrats and punish disloyal Democrats, irrespective of the issue(s). Madigan is defending the unions from the union-breaking governor, that’s great; but who the hell is fighting for the little guy? Who is saying enough is enough, let’s restore service cuts so many of our social programs can continue life-giving services to many of our citizens who aren’t thinking a whole lot about unions at this time?

Mr. Editor, you and your team are missing a golden opportunity to stand on principle, show both sides of the story, and illuminate the pain and suffering of our most vulnerable citizens due to this budget stalemate.

I’m not a Dunkin apologist, or Stratton hater; but I do feel strongly that so much attention is being spent on if Dunkin is an opportunist or sell-out, etc., etc., and not enough time is being spent on telling the governor and the speaker how dare they argue lofty ideals, suppositions, and philosophy while holding up millions.

G.L. McGee, Bronzeville

Two sets of rules

I think the Republicans have proven what blacks have been saying for decades. There are two sets of rules. One for blacks and one for whites. They are now claiming a new set of rules that a president cannot nominate a Supreme Court justice in his final year. Although a white president (Reagan) did, the black one cannot, according to Senate Republicans. Why the different rules? I think we all know the answer.

Ron Williams, Near North Side

Don’t blame Rauner

Why blame Gov. Bruce Rauner over and over and hardly mention Michael Madigan, and John Cullerton who have controlled everything for years? The CPS has been in disarray for decades for lots of reasons. There is no money to continue running the CPS, the City of Chicago, and the State of Illinois without raising taxes, or dropping spending, or going into default. Pick one, but don’t blame Rauner. Blame overspending for years. Blame social programs and lots of them. There is so much blame, but nobody wants to stand up and say we are all to blame.

Clarence Bobikewicz, Crystal Lake

Wrong lesson

Great job, JRW, in educating the younger generation. When you screw up don’t take responsibility, but blame someone else!

Michael Malone, Clearing

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