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Brandon Marshall says he ‘owns’ Bill Belichick

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Brandon Marshall likes to talk a lot. Backing it up is another matter.

During a tweetup with fans, the former Bears receiver was asked if Patriots coach Bill Belichick haunts his dreams. The Jets receiver simply replied: “I own him.”

Let’s see if that’s true.

Marshall has played 10 games against the Patriots, more than any other team in the league, so we’re looking at a pretty good sample size.

He has 52 catches for 787 yards and five touchdowns against Belichick’s defenses. Not shabby.

Marshall’s yards per reception average is 15.13, about 2.3 yards more than his career average and his 78.7 yards per game against the Pats is about four more yards than his career average.

It does seem as if Marshall has gotten the better of the future Hall of Famer.

Let’s check a few more stats, though.

How about we look at wins and losses. Marshall is 3-7 vs. the Patriots during his tenure with the Broncos, Dolphins, Bears and Jets. One victory came in 2006 when Marshall was a rookie and barely saw the field—one target and no catches—so, eliminate that.

Both of Marshall’s wins over Belichick came in overtime, a 20-17 victory by the Broncos in 2009 and a thrilling 26-20 victory by the Jets last season. Marshall caught two touchdowns passes in each of those games.

As for the seven losses, here are some of the scores: 41-7, 41-14, 38-7, 38-24 and 51-23 (remember that one!?). Marshall has one touchdown catch in the losses and, from the looks of it, ample garbage-time yards.

Oh, one more stat: Belichick is 23-10 in the playoffs; Marshall is 0-0.

Who owns whom?