What does Barack Obama do with all those Blackhawks jerseys?

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Embed from Getty ImagesThursday marked the Blackhawks’ third trip to the White House in six years, and for President Obama, that means another jersey with his name on it.

But what does the president do with all those jerseys? I mean, has anyone ever seen him actually wearing one?

According to USA Today, the majority of the gifts a president receives are sent tothe National Archives for temporary safekeeping until the end of the administration. At that point, the keepsakes are transferred to the location of that particular president’s presidential library.

That is, unless the president decides to keep them. According to Sports Collectors Digest, a president can keep any domestic gift considered low in monetary value – usually around $300. Anything more expensive than that, the report says, can be kept only if it’s claimed on the president’s taxes.

In other words, Obama might send all the Miami Heat, San Antonio Spurs and Alabama football jerseys to his presidential library while holding onto the sweaters presented to him by his hometown team.

In addition to the jersey, the Blackhawks also presented Obama with a miniature Stanley Cup and a United Center parking pass at Thursday’s ceremony.

A season-long parking pass is valued at $25 per game according to Stubhub, so the president will have to claim that one if he hopes to roll up to a game with his Secret Service anytime soon.

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