Lawyers: Gaps in video of fatal shooting by off-duty cop

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City lawyers have agreed to let the family of a man shot dead by an off-duty Chicago cop outside a Chicago Housing Authority building tour police evidence rooms and make their own copies of security video of the shooting.

Lawyers for the family of Marlon Horton say video from CHA surveillance cameras turned over to them have suspicious gaps, including 20 minutes of missing footage from an outdoor camera that would have clearly shown Horton being gunned down by off-duty Chicago Police Officer Kenneth Walker in 2013, attorney Jeffrey Granich said after a hearing Friday before U.S. District Judge Robert Dow.

City lawyers agreed to let Granich look at evidence and make their own copies of DVDs provided to police by the CHA. Granich says he also will request a look at the original video stored on CHA’s mainframe computers, because police have told him the gaps were present when investigators received DVDs from CHA.

“It’s been two years we’ve been asking for this, and now we’ll see what CHA gave to the police, and then we’ll see what CHA has on their mainframe,” Granich said.

“We’ve had an expert look at the video, and he said it’s very suspicious that there are these blank spots on the tape. Basically, it’s impossible.”

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Horton was reportedly sleeping in the lobby of a CHA building in the 1800 block of West Monroe and was rousted by Walker, who was off-duty and working for a private security company at the building. Horton left, but Walker claimed Horton urinated on Walker’s Ford Explorer, then threatened Walker and another security guard.

Cameras on the outside of the building that Granich said should have filmed the shooting are “motion-activated,” but apparently shut down while Horton was reportedly struggling with Walker and another security guard.

“They told me the cameras were motion-activated, but we’ve got footage of them running for hours before the shooting, and nothing is happening. It’s 4 a.m. and nothing is moving,” Granich said. “Then, when everybody’s shooting, which I consider a lot of motion, there’s nothing.”

Walker was cleared of wrongdoing in the shooting by the Independent Police Review Authority. Weeks after the shooting, Horton’s brother, Darrold Horton, filed a lawsuit against Walker, the city, CHA and two security firms hired by CHA, claiming the shooting was unjustified and that Walker and the other guard, Shaquila Moore, ignored a 911 dispatcher’s instructions to tend to Horton’s wounds.

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