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NBA offers Derrick Rose wool jacket for $500

In the cold weather months, it’s often tough to show your loyalties to a team or player by wearing a tank-top jersey to the game.

The NBA now has a solution. How about a jersey wool jacket?

That’s right, the sporty jacket from JH Design replicates your favorite player’s jersey and, according to, “is the perfect blend of comfort and spirit.”

The Derrick Rose jacket lists for $499.99 at the NBA store. writes: “Showcase your love for Derrick Rose with this Chicago Bulls Domestic Player Wool jacket from JH Design!”

The jacket features: 80 percent wool, 20 percent nylon;

rib-knit cuffs, collar and waist; two front pockets; two interior pockets; custom cut per order; handcrafted leather logos; and, full-snap closure.

It would probably look fabulous with Derrick Rose’s “PJ” line of apparel.