Peanut Tillman: ‘Megatron’ a Hall of Famer

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SAN JOSE, Calif. — A cornerback who played Calvin Johnson better than most believes “Megatron” deserves to be in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Former Bears cornerback Charles Tillman, who is on the Panthers’ injured reserve with a torn ACL, said he was surprised Johnson would walk away. While the Lions receiver has not made an official announcement, he’s likely to retire.

“I guess, shocked, because I still think he definitely has some gas left in his tank,” Tillman said Monday. “At the same time, we all have to make that decision one day. I don’t know how he feels after a Sunday, but he’s had an awesome career. He’s done something a lot of people will never do.”

Tillman said it’s a “sad day in the NFL, because he’s retiring.”

He compared the six-time Pro Bowler to someone a video gamer would create for the sole purpose of dominating.

“It was just a battle — just two warriors going at it,” he said. “I’d win a couple downs. He’d win a couple downs. My whole goal, I guess, was just to win more.

“With Calvin, you know he’s going to catch some. Hopefully you just can’t let him catch too many.”

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